Sunday, March 06, 2011

"Ballerina Girl"

Elora started "Creative Movement" dance class for three and four-year-olds in February.  As you can see, she is the tiniest one in the class.  She is also the cutest and the best, in my totally biased opinion.  She LOVES being a ballerina.  She also loves watching older girls in their dance classes.  Come over sometime, she will probably already be wearing her ballet shoes and she isn't shy about showing off her dance moves.  Also, her leotards are now her second favorite thing to wear (after her fancy, purple dress that she got from Santa Claus and spends most of each day wearing).


Anonymous said...

Wow she is itty bitty compared to the other girls!

Skye said...

That is so precious, what a girly girl. And I love her with that bright red lipstick.

Garnerfam said...

Hey! So, this is kind of crazy, but I totally am blog stalking you. I stumbled across your blog from Melissa's blog and I thought you looked familiar, so I checked your blog out. But the crazy thing is.... my daughter is in your daughter's ballet class!! And I love your pictures. It's so fun to see what she is doing. :) (I work on TH, so my husband drops her off and picks her up) Oh...and my daugther is the tallest one in the class. :) She has tall parents.. Super cute blog!!
Thanks for letting me peek. ;)
Kristine Garner