Thursday, March 31, 2011


Monday night we met up with Brandon's mom and her family in Destin, FL.  I love the humidity and warm weather here!  Tuesday was overcast but warmed up enough to go to the pool.  Jonah and Brandon were in heaven.  The pool is pretty awesome with waterfalls on an island in the middle and all around, a zero-entry side, and a hot tub, we all managed to have a great time, get some sun, and play in the water a bit.

It poured rain that night and was still going strong on Wednesday morning.  We decided to leave the house (a fabulous 4-bdrm rental in an adorable gated community a nice walk from the beach) and go to lunch and a museum.  My cousin Nicole recommended we eat at McGuinnes' Irish Pub since the food is great.  Not only was the food fantastic, the building is enormous, the decor, ambiance, gift shop, and service were fun. While we ate the skies cleared up so we finally got to go to the beach:)

This morning was cloudy and cool.  I grabbed a few groceries (third trip for food already!) and went to a bookstore (came up empty-handed) when the others finally got up to keep an eye on the kids who didn't want to come with me even though they'd been up for over two hours.

It might be sunny enough now to head to the pool.  Lots of pictures to come when I get home.


Lacey said...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip:) Sounds like an AMAZING pool.

Nicole and Garrett said...

Wahoo! I'm glad you like the place :D