Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random Recents

The kids driving their "rockets"

Awhile back Elora decided that whenever she is pretending to be a dog, she has to wear a pair of socks on her hands and her feet (and often nothing else) and walks mostly on all-fours.  In this particular instance, Jonah joined in on her game.

Rachel and Elora at Joyschool learning about the presidents for Presidents' Day.  Notice how these little girl's dress themselves in the middle of winter in Utah.

Why is Elora's hair so cute in a simple ponytail?

"Mom I saw you in that store getting salsa.  I waited in the car and I was being very patient." - Jonah

Jonah calls the Cheshire Cat the "Treasure Cat."

Karen: Did you get that cat postcard I sent you?
Jonah: Yes, it was lovely.

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