Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nonstop Laughs

Elora: Mom, watch this, I run faster than Buzz Lightyear.
Jonah: Mom, I'm a cheetah, I run really fast.
*Jonah resting a moment later*
Me: Joe, are you already tired out?
Jonah: Yeah, cheetas run for 40 seconds and then rest.

Elora: I'm a tiger.  Rawwrrrr!
Jonah: I'm a cheetah.  My name is Brandon cause I'm a dad cheetah. *pets invisible baby cheetahs and speaks to them* Babies, I'm gonna go take care of that tiger.  I'll be right back.

Jonah: Mom, there's a sun on this box (Raisin Bran).
Me: That's because the sun turns grapes into raisins.
Jonah: Raisins come from the sun?.... And ham comes from pigs!
Me: You're a smart guy.  Raisins actually come from grapes, but the sun can turn them into raisins.
Jonah: Raisins come from grapes? I didn't know that!

I picked out her shirt and pants but she picked out and put on the lipstick, headband, shoes, and socks herself.

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