Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend

After Jonah got home from joyschool on Friday, we had our traditional Good Friday tea with delicious, homemade hot cross buns:)  The kids LOVED doing fancy tea service.  Who knew that pouring their own milk into their tea would be such a hit?!

That afternoon we went to the Discovery museum with auntie Jen, "uncle" Steve, and Railey.

After that we had dinner at Happy Sumo.  Elora liked the sushi rolls and Jonah did not.  Jonah immediately called out an order for "hotstickers" from the server (my friend Jenny) when she came up and asked what we wanted.

We began our morning watching Jonah play a soccer game in the cold. 

Grammy and Papa came up to watch too and then came to our house for brunch and yard work and hanging out.

Elora collecting earthworms while I tilled our garden plot.

Elora threw up in the night and so missed out on church on SUNDAY but she managed to keep down a Peep from her basket and a little breakfast.

 Jonah and I went to church and loved the all-music Sacrament meeting.
After church was over we all went down to Papa and Grammy's house.
Elora still wasn't feeling well.

She perked up a little for the Easter egg hunt with cousins though.

Bryson & Jonah

Coach & Trey

Papa, Bailee, Linda, and Kathy

Elora was fine on Monday and Tuesday but has been sick since Wednesday.  Poor little thing!  I hate to see her loose ANY weight.  Fortunately her stomach bug hasn't affected her personality.  She and Jonah have been pretty much non-stop laughs this week.  Yesterday Brandon overheard her saying, "...but I would fight back cause I'm a bad, bad, bad pwincess."


Allie H. said...

Your little ones are adorable! Looks like Easter was mostly a success. (Love the background, too, btw!)

Aaryn & Mánon said...

Cute! Easter looks like soooo much fun! I can't wait till Vespa will be old enough to enjoy it next year!

Stacey said...

I love the "I'm a bad bad bad pwincess." Cute post :)