Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jonah Update

Well, lots has been happening I just haven't been blogging it. Sorry.
Jonah turned nine months old on Halloween. He has been army crawling for two months but this week has been getting up on his knees A LOT more, hasn't started crawling that way, but he's seriously thinking about it. He likes to kneel and get up higher on things like his toy box and Dad's toolbox. He can also go from crawling to sitting now instead of only the other way around.

He actually knelt and reached up to the second shelf of movies yesterday and pulled most of them down too. Pulling out/down movies and reading the covers is probably his favorite past time. It may be tied with playing with his steering wheel toy and is followed closely by chasing cats and being read to.

Jonah's car toy, his current favorite.

Yesterday Jonah did something he's never done before. He pulled himself to a standing position. He did it in the bathtub of all places (really wanted my trial size shampoo that was up on the edge). That means no more sleeping with the crib rails down.
I have weaned Jonah off of his midday breastfeeding and he now takes formula twice during the day. I have decided to still nurse him first thing in the morning and before bed. At his nine month check up the doctor said he hasn't gained any weight since his last appointment so we needed to add some more food and especially fats and proteins to his diet. We have also taken him off the dairy products he had started (cheeses, cottage cheese, and yo-baby yogurt) to wait til he's a year old for those. There has been a lot of research done on allergies lately and we want to be safe. Jo also refrains from egg whites, wheat, citrus fruits, strawberries, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. I am going to see if we can get some wheat-free bread and pasta from a health food store next time we're in Salt Lake.
Jonah is not a picky eater in any way and he loves feeding himself finger foods. I have started introducing some salted and canned foods to his diet. Every morning he has hot cereal and has tried it with a little coconut milk on it to add some fat recently (yum!).
What else? This morning was the first time in over a week that Jo has slept past 6am. Hallelujah!! We've tried less naps, more naps, staying up later, everything! Maybe something is finally working.
Jonah loves stroller rides and going new places. He still loves strangers, especially under the age of five. He does have a little separation anxiety and tends to get mad when I leave the room, but he quickly gets over it.
I still think top teeth are working their way here. He has fussy, drooly days and then he has days he's fine. He is still overall an easy, pleasant, nearly perfect baby. I find myself alternately telling him he's big and that he's "just tiny". I can't quite decide.
Helmet news: Jonah is still wearing his helmet 23 hours a day. He usually takes it off for dinner and bath time. He did take a three day hiatus so that a sore on his head could heal. We see the cranio doctor this week for the first time since his helmet has been put on. He'll tell us how much longer he has to wear it, hopefully just another month. And we also see the technician for another adjustment since his head grows so fast. We switched technicians after the first guy couldn't seem to get things quite right and I kept having to drive all the way to SLC every week cause Jo would get a tight spot or a sore. His tilting has gone away and his head is looking rounder.

Cousin Joselyn here for a visit from Oklahoma. He ADORES her. She wanted him to wear his hat she found in his room.

Practicing walking with his dad.

I call this the "superbaby" pose. He does it whenever I walk towards him when he's crawling and at random other times. I don't know if you can tell here, but only his torso is touching the ground.


Lauren said...

Aww he is growing up so fast! He is adorable.

Kayelyn said...

Wow he had progressed a lot! It is so amazing what they learn to do and to watch them grow.

I love the one of him sitting in his pint size chair. I loved buying furniture for my little ones. I can't wait to have grandkids cause they have so much more mini furniture now than when my kids were young.

This is a really fun post.

Abbie said...

I love his blue PJs. I read a book that said "sleep begets sleep". It said that if you put your baby to sleep earlier (he thought 7:30 was late!), they'll sleep longer. I found it helpful with Sophie.

Robin said...

He is beautiful. I love all the pictures. I especially love the tongue out on his super baby pose.

I am still working on your canvas, my free time is limited. sorry.

A TEAM said...

hi emily! i never got to thank you for the comment you made to me over a month ago, because when i clicked on your name it didnt have your blog name on your profile. Just recently i went onto annies site and realized that i could probably find you from there. so thanks :) and you have an adorable child!

Nancy Face said...

I loved this post, and all the pictures are wonderful! :)

michelle said...

Awesome pictures and update on the activities Jonah enjoys. He's a happy baby.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I love that chair! I so wanted to get one of those for Liam at Christmas last year. So grown up.

Loving that super baby pose!