Sunday, November 11, 2007


I have been blessed with a lot of friends.
Sometimes there is just nothing better than having a friend closeby to do nothing with. I don't have that here.
I don't have a friend who might drop by just cause she's in the neighborhood. I really miss that.
I don't have a friend to go to the gym with (I don't even have a gym).
I don't have a friend to go shopping with or to lunch with on Saturdays (I also have nowhere closeby to shop).
I don't have a girlfriend to go to dinner and/or a girlie movie with unless I drive 45 minutes away (I only have two movies to choose from in Heber anyway).
I don't have someone's house to run to and chat at when I need a break from the baby.
I don't have someone to hang out with when Brandon only wants to hang out with his computer game.

I also need to buy a bra and I'm going to have to drive 45 minutes away to get one.
Also, there is no Yankee Candle Store or Illuminations stores in Utah. Ugh!

Thank goodness for the internet, at least I am close to all of you at any given moment, at least in spirit.
"I love my computer, my friends live there."


Mel said...

I'm sorry your lonely. I know that for me it takes some time after I move to really feel like I belong and have good friends.

Kayelyn said...

{{{hugs}}} for you. I'd drive over to Heber if I didn't have to work.

melmck said...

i thought there was a yankee candle store in the Shops at Riverwoods? there was when i lived there 2 years ago. but they have done a lot since then. i'm so sorry. i understand the lonely feeling. new places require new friends and making them is the hardest part. good luck! in the meantime, we are still all here in your computer :)

Lauren said...

I am so sorry. Being lonely is the worst feeling. Just know that there are tons of people who love you and would visit you if they could.
What is your favorite Yankee Candle scent?

Tori :) said...

:( I'm sorry Emily. I kinda feel the same way a lot of the time. My closest friends are my blog pals.

sjmiller said...

Sorry you are feeling lonely! I feel the same say sometimes! It's not like TVA where everyone lived in really close proximities.

I too love my computer, cause all my friends live in it!

Mike and Debbie said...

Em, hey it could be could be back in Afton.....well at least we had each other's families back then but then again I was working and had no only salvation. Thank goodness for blogging though, huh? I'm glad we can all stay in touch through that. Love you!

Nancy Face said...

Your post made me sad for you! I'm so sorry for your loneliness!

Yes, you have lots of friends in other places, and in your computer! I hope you find some new friends there, too. Here's a hug for you! (((EMILY)))

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

All my friends are in far away places too. I am slowly making a couple friends in our ward, but it isn't easy.

Couldn't you find a bra at the Jockey outlet in Park City. I love that store! GREAT deals on bras and pantyhose.