Monday, November 19, 2007


Most days I don't miss having tv, but then somedays I wonder, "What is going on with Pam and Jim?!!!"


Nancy Face said...

My family LOVES The Office, but I never watch it. They think I'm insane...yep, they're probably right, haha! :D

Abbie said... shows FULL EPISODES of the office - they have the entire season! WATCH! (I have mutual Thursday nights - so this is the only way I can watch).

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Emily, you are just too funny! There are days I could just kick the TV out the window, but then there are times where TV is a great escape into Pam and Jim's world.

Lauren said...

You don't have a TV?! That is crazy, but cool. I would get so much homework and reading done!

Don't worry, Jim and Pam are doing great.

Macey Kay said...

I was going to post what Abbie did...I guess I need to comment faster! Are you not watching TV intentionally, or just waiting to get your TV hooked up? I also agree with Lauren...I could be so much more productive, but I need to see how Pam and Jim are doing (among others). And, that will be a fun pregnancy with friends!