Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

For Jonah's first Halloween he dressed up as a monkey, since we like to call him a little monkey and he's always loved his monkey doll.
His festivities included visiting Dad at the office, eating sweet potatoes for dinner, "trick-or-treating" at one neighbor's house and going to bed while the ward trucker treat was going on and before we got any trick-or-treaters.

Monkey on the loose!

Papa monkey

Momma monkey

I made dinner in a pumpkin for Halloween night. Yummy!
We watched half of Ghostbusters and half of the original House on Haunted Hill before I got too tired to go on. It was a great night!

Our porch, our jack-o-lanterns, and our laughing witch with the light-up eyes.
We didn't get many trick-or-treaters (dang that ward trunker treat), but we sure enjoyed the ones we did get! Anyone want some leftover candy and playdough?


melmck said...

Great costume! i love baby outfits!

Nancy Face said...

I ♥ your li'l monkey, and his parents are cute, too! Your dinner sounds delish! You celebrated WAY more than we did with our first baby! :)

Cool Jack-o-lanterns!

Macey Kay said...

I'll take the play dough, thanks for asking. Very cute family!

Stephanie said...

he's a cute monkey.

Kayelyn said...

That cute little monkey looks like he could belong in my jungle.

I'll bet he plays with the playdough before next Halloween!

Lauren said...

I want some candy...I miss trick or treating :(

I love those dinners in a pumpkin! One Halloween I went over to your family's house for that dinner and I loved it. I now have cravings for it.

Jonah is the cutest little monkey I have ever seen!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Leftover candy, no, but can I have that dinner recipe? Wow, yum!

Your little monkey is so darling! Great photos all around!

micila's movement said...

Awesome costumes, the three bar maids below are realllly scary! You guys are such an awesome family, just beautiful.....xoxoxoxox :)

kris said...

What a cute Monkey! Looks like it was a fun Halloween party!