Monday, June 09, 2008

More Jonah

I like to call this one "Mud and a Mohawk".

Jonah has been watching the Little Einstein My First Signs video and can now do the American Sign Language signs for "eat", "more", "sleep", and "milk." What a smarty! He also said, "button" today.


Robin said...

The mohawk scowl picture totally reminds me of Henry! Is Adam there all by his lonesome, what fun. And also, where did you get that white dresser Jonah is climbing in, I want it!

Michelle said...

Hey Em! Those are some great pictures of Jonas. He is so big!! Dying to get out of town over her sister! I'd like to give those babies the most righteous squeezes, in honor of their cuteness. Adam's skinny isen't he? as hell! Thanks for posting play time with uncle Adoo pics.


Anonymous said...

Who is that handsome man in the pic with your son? OH YEAH! it's my son!

Andy said...

Jonah is definately getting cuter. I love that he looks so happy to be reading his book.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

That kid is such a character! I just want to cuddle him! What a sweetheart! Still such a little babe.