Monday, June 16, 2008

National Health Care?

I had a long talk with my friend Andy about national health care on Saturday. He gave me a good explaination of why it is a bad idea. I just went to Ty's blog and found a great blog about the same thing. Click here to read it.

PS- BUT, for the record, I think the US Postal Service is doing a fine job.


Robert & Christy said...

Elora is just adorable. It's scary when you first get ready to taken on the world with two little ones...but it looks like you already got the hang of it. CAN leave the house again!

Isn't national health coverage scary? We had it when we lived in Scotland and it really is a terrible idea. I just dread the idea of the same thing happening here.

Lorena said...

Oh Em!! That baby is looking so cute!! and getting big too!

sjmiller said...

I agree with you that it is a scary thing. I haven't read the article yet, but will when I find some time.

A friend in Canada has the national health care there. Her daughter had strept throat, she couldn't get an appt. to see the dr for 3-4 months. Uh, cause by that time.. an appt. would be really helpful.

But, not to be devils advocate.. perhaps people would keep their appts more if there were less and less availability for another appt. (Or not, who knows?)

Nancy Face said...

Everyone I know who has lived in countries with National Health care is against it. I believe them! :0