Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Hobbies

For the past two days Jonah's favorite things to do are:

1- Sit on our laps while we're on the laptop (like he is right now).

2- Climb everything (He just figured out how to get on our kitchen chairs. They are so lightweight we're just waiting for him to knock them over and get a major injury. He also likes pushing them over to things like the kitchen table, the window, etc. and getting into more mischief.)

3- Putting on lotion. (A couple times a day he brings me lotion or points to it and insists on rubbing on himself).

4- Putting chip clips in his hair. (Dad came up with this clever idea and now Jonah keeps bringing them to me to put into his hair like a hairclip.)


Lauren said...

Chip clips in his hair?! I loooove it. I miss that little guy. He is coming ot the wedding too, right?

vivian said...

hey em!
i just got a blogspot, the url is

Nancy Face said...

He has a great head of hair, too! :)