Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baby Shower #1

Barely made it to Utah for my first baby shower. Had some major flight problems.
Linda was a fantastic hostess. She served my favorite food: Smothered Burritos with Cheese from La Puente. She also made her fantastic guacamole and creamy tomatillo dressing was served with the veggie tray. I made salsa. She got a cake that said, "Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails - It's a Boy!" from a fantastic French bakery. The food was incredible overall.
She was distraught that she'd bought way too big of a cake and 3x as many burritos as she needed because so many people didn't show up and hadn't RSVPed. We certainly enjoyed the leftovers though. I was only disappointed that I didn't get to see a lot of my Utah friends. Whoever came to the shower were the only people I spent time with on the trip besides the family because for the next four days we holed up at the cabin in Heber with no cell phone reception. We did have aunts and cousins from three sides of the family show up. Three out of four is pretty good. I had my best friend there too.
Linda had frozen little plastic babies into ice cubes to put in our limeade and each guest was to write on their cup (which matched the invites and cake) what time they thought their baby would be "born" (thawed out completely). It was a great conversation piece. We also played How Much Liquid Can a Diaper Hold? It's shocking just how much. Prizes were given to the winners of the games. But mostly we just had a great time hanging out and talking. It was great to see my aunt, cousins, and favorite in-laws. I got great gifts, mostly clothes, but also a baby carrier, a couple toys, and gift cards. Yippee. I can't wait to go buy my baby bed, etc.!


Michellie-elli-OOOO! said...

I went to a shower, baby ice cubes along with what's that smell baby diapers, provided a constant source of converstation and laughter. It sounds like you had a great holiday trip.

I'll email you some pics. from Az. shower along with soup recipie.

Take care of those feet and ankles. Lots of love!

Robin said...

It sounds like a great shower! Maybe too great, I hope ours wasn't a disappointment after such a fun gourmet one.

Tori :) said...

Sounds awesome!! I hope your "raked it in!"

Megan said...

I knew I liked you for a reason... we share the same favorite food! I LOVE smothered burritos from La Puente.. YUM YUM YUM!!
Your shower sounds like a blast, I'm scared to death to follow after 2 great showers!