Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Wednesday with Emily

Thanks to an extremely low sodium diet, I once again have ankles. Unfortunately I realized on Saturday that I also was extremely low on protein. So now I am doing low sodium for breakfast and lunch and a regular dinner.
Hmmm... what else is new? My baby is still breech so the doctor is scheduling me for a cessarian, which I am hoping I will not have to have.
Got to leave work early today as one student didn't show up and the other had to go to court this afternoon. Preschool was highly entertaining, as usual, this morning.
I love Jamba Juice, and I think Cold Buster might be their best flavor, plus I swear it is healing me. I replace at least one scoop of orange sherbet with mangos.
Yesterday my doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics that I am supposed to fill if my head cold is not gone by tomorrow. He said I could be getting a bacterial infection on top of my virus. BUT, today for the first time in 9 days I am cutting back on my nose blowing. Who knew the body could produce so much mucus!
I need to run into Maceys today and also go grocery shopping. It's probably taco rice or unstuffed peppers for dinner.
Worked out yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks. Jonah did his usual dancing, but now that there's less room it really hurt.
Target sushi (minus the soy sauce) for lunch today. Mmmm.
Note to those with nut allergies: the Chicken Tikka Masala from Ajanta contains cashews. Jamon, please don't sue us for making you violently ill on Monday. We love you. Who knew one bite could cause such a reaction?
Something else I learned this week: Stalin was responsible for almost as many deaths as Hitler, nearly 30 million. I knew next to nothing about him before preparing a lesson for my high schoolers. Evil, evil men.
A bobby pillow looks like a perfect nap-spot for a cat.
Styrofoam cups from Braums are rather delicate. After an incedent with my Jamba Juice cup this morning, Jodi informed me that a bump from the elbow in the car has twice pushed her straw thru the bottom of the Braum's cup. Those of you who are outside Oklahoma are missing out on some good milk from the dairy here called Braums. I also like that they serve 32 oz. orange juice (as opposed to most fast food breakfast joints that only have an 8 oz.). The icecream is pretty great too. Look closely on the milk carton to discover the creamy secret... it's concentrated.
Why did the airport inspectors open my foundation? It was EXPLODED all over my luggage when it should have been sealed AND tucked inside a latched train case with the rest of my toiletries. I have been unable to remove the big spot from my suitcase no matter what products I tried on the vinyl and I have yet to see if my long-wearing $40 formula will come out of my shirt. A true test for my ever faithful green spray n' wash stain stick!
Well, that's about all for today's ramblings.
Aloha to all my faithful readers.


Abbie said...

Jonah needs to practice somersaults with all that dancing he's doing. Then maybe he'll end up head down.

Lauren said...

oooo, I hope you don't have to have a c-section. I would be scared for you.

Robin said...

Ankles are good. I really hope you don't have to have a c-section, but hey it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world! Also, we did the Blockbuster trial with total access and I loved it!

Macey Kay said...

Sounds like you are having a fun pregnancy-all kinds of showers and adventures! Good luck with everything! We like Blockbuster too. What is your due date by the way?