Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Year in Review; 2006

January began with a visit from the Jensens. We drove down to Dallas together and spent some fun times there, including a visit to Medieval Times.
A haircut was my next big move for 2006. I also quit my job of one year as the counter manager at Foley's Penn Square's Prescriptives Cosmetics.
My brother, Teddy, began his training as a missionary for our church in Feb. 2006. He spent a couple months in the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT learning Malagasy before heading to Madagascar.
March is Spring Break. We spend our break with ALL of my siblings (except Ted), their spouses, their children, my parents, and Grandma Donna in Rocky Point, Mexico.
Looking good with Victoria & Alicia in April.
Shortest hair I've had in years.
In April I began hating my new job at Emser tile. I also began burning out on my calling in Primary. Gas prices spiked all around the nation. I finished my Spanish class, did my taxes, and my favorite tv shows were Grey's Anatomy and Crossing Jordan.
This is me and my friend Lacey at the Paseo Arts festival. I went to 3 of the OK metro's art's festivals this year. This is the day I figured out I was probably pregnant. I remember I kept telling her that my boobs hurt.


Macey Kay said...

What an exciting year Emily...2007 will bring even more exciting things!

Tori :) said...

Great review!! I didn't find your blog until later, so it was good to see all the things I missed. :)