Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Tori and Me

Saturday was Blogfest. What is Blogfest, you ask. Well, let's see... My sister Robin has a fabulous blog, as I'm sure you've heard. When I read her blogs and go to comment I would always notice interesting and funny comments from her friend Tori. I started occassionally reading Tori's blog and she started reading mine. Apparently Tori reads lots of people's blogs, friends and friends of friends. Well one day she and her friend, Suzanne, came up with the brilliant idea of Blogfest. They invited all the women whose blogs they read to get together for lunch.
I believe all the women were LDS, married, and have kids, so right away we have a bit in common. After I was invited I decided to suggest having it at "our" cabin.

On top: Mel, Lisa, Kayelyn, Suzanne, Amanda, and Gina.
On bottom: UTMommy, Me, and Tori.

Well, the party was a hit; great food and facinating company, what an incredible and diverse group of women. Amanda came all the way from South Dakota on the pretence of visiting her family in Utah, but mostly to meet her fellow bloggers.
After a getting to know you game, a great lunch, lots of good conversation, and another game, came secret voting ballots for one another. I won the prize for, "Most similar in real life to her blog." I was very flattered, I pride myself on being genuine, you know.
Thanks for a great afternoon, ladies!

The spread

Eating on the deck.

The stragglers

UTMommy & Tori battling it out wearing hot cabin decor.


Tori :) said...

What a great description of BlogFest. I was thinking it would be fun to do a monthly lunch or something. We could change locations each time...
What do you think??

Nancy Face said...

What a blast it must have been! I'm so happy you girls got to do that! The cabin is amazing, and it was awesome of you to host BlogFest there! I love all the pictures, and you and Tori are looking quite gorgeous in the top one! :)

Macey Kay said...

Ummm...hilarious! I love it! what a great way to make friends.

Amanda said...

A monthly lunch?? Now you know my family will get suspicious if I start coming once a month to see them. ;) I might just have to move back to Utah to be a regular attender!

Thanks again for opening your cabin to a bunch of strangers and letting us play with your decorations!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Emily! GREAT POST! I was so happy to finally meet you. We need to get together and laugh at some pre-recorded SNL episodes. If you find that Dora Spoof before I do, email me the link.

I am on board for the monthly lunch thing. If 6 of my co-workers and I can pull off an organized potluck every single friday, I am sure we can handle Utah blogger lunches once a month.

Kayelyn said...

I'm in for lunch. I have a new deck we cold use when we want.

Amanda- can we help you house hunt? Utah can only be better for your residence.

Lauren said...

I love the pictures!!! I am so happy you girls got to do that.

Kayelyn said...

Emily- do you realize that you and Tori look like sisters in your first pic!

Kinda cool.

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

LOL at Amanda!!!

Emily, you are so sweet! I had so much fun meeting you and would love to get together again! :)

Mrs. Burns said...

Tori really does exist!!! That is so cool.

utmommy said...

It was so fun to meet you. Thanks for letting us all come up to the cabin. It was beautiful!

colleen said...

I cannot believe what a great idea that was. Emily you are a Genius! You remind me so much of your mother. Oh! Did I say that? Love, Mom