Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rice Cereal

Guess who has been eating solids for 3 days now.

And he LOVES it!

Other new stuff with Jonah: Saturday he got his toes in his mouth for the first time. It is now a daily activity.
He slept 11 hours three nights ago (the day BEFORE rice cereal), skipping both night feedings. The next day he went back to his normal schedule (one feeding between 10 and 1 and another between 2 and 5) then last night only had the early feeding. So we're almost done with night feedings I believe.

Addendum to my last post: after my ranting about having nowhere to set the baby except on the floor and in the high chair, Brandon did some hard manual labor (without any prodding from me, only a slight guilt trip) and found the Bumbo, the jumper, and the swing. Thank you, Brandon!! And though he wasn't happy about doing it, he's happy now that he saw how pleased Jonah was to have his jumper.


Nancy Face said...

Awwww...precious pictures!

I hope you'll soon be getting your full night's's great when it happens! :)

Good for Brandon...finding those things wasn't just nice, it was absolutely essential! Yay!

Michelle said...

He usually always poses with a smile in all his pics., yet in the first one his eyes did not come of that bowl of cereal, that's hilarious!!

Your baby is the best, I must say.

By the way Moqui's favorite veggie tales movie is "Jonah", do you know what word she has learned, you guessed it...JONAH!