Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence Day

Went to the Edmond LibertyFest parade yesterday morning. Fun, but LONG; two full hours. Fortunately my moisturizer has sunblock, unfortunately I didn't put any on my chest. We sat with the Taylors and the Christensens from our ward. Jonah slept thru most of it.

After the parade we met up with Jamon n' fam at Josh (B's 2nd cousin)& Randi's house. Hung out there for awhile, chatting and hearing about their wedding gifts and even trying out their new snowcone maker. Ran home to change into swimming suits and grab some lunch and then headed over to Kim (B's cousin) & Greg's house.

Jonah had his first swim. He loved it! There were a bunch of us in and around the pool and we had a really good time. It feels like I haven't been swimming in forever! In was nice to have hot weather and sunshine!!


Nancy Face said...

I love your 4th of July pictures! Jonah is so adorable, and he has a beautiful mom! :)

Lauren said...

Ok, can Jonah get any cuter?! He is so precious.

michelle said...

Your HOT! I mean super cute in those pics., Independance day is always so muc fun!

Macey Kay said...

What a fun holiday!