Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Moving on Up

Jonah with his second-cousin, Jocelyn.

The best baby in the world.

The field next to our apartment, it was even prettier last week. I love black-eyed-Susuans.

Yep, I am blogging, the night before we load up our moving truck. I'm actually DONE packing, it's practically a miracle.
Tomorrow morning we load up the truck, then we clean the apartment. Brandon will be driving the Penske moving truck hauling the Malibu and our friend Ryan will be following him in my Camry. Thursday Jonah, Jasmine, Rusty, my friend Elaine, and I all fly to Utah. Wow. Can't wait til it's over.
More to come soon!


Robin said...

I guess you've been a very busy girl! I really need to get things packed up this week, although moving 1/2 mile away will allow me to take several trips-nice. Jonah has the biggest grin in the world, I love it!

Annie said...

That field is gorgeous and the girl in the middle makes it look even better!

Nancy Face said...

The pictures of you in the field of flowers are just beautiful! Good luck with the move! :)