Thursday, July 19, 2007

Now I've Got Pictures

Somebody loves his new highchair and its detatchable tray toys.

Here's the view off the back deck.

Jonah makes this face all the time now. He does spit bubbles, popping noises, and sucks in both his lips after this with the tongue out.


Nancy Face said...

Jonah has the CUTEST smile ever!

My jaw dropped when I saw the view from your deck...beautiful!

Lauren said...

He is so cute! I love him!!

Megan said...

From all the big exciting changes you'd never think you just moved to Utah a week ago!!
Jonah & his cheeks are so cute!!

Robin said...

Why is that kid so stinkin cute? And your husband is cute too, how nice of him to find all of Jonah's toys! What a big kid eating cereal. So much going on!

karen said...

CUTE KID! i cant wait to meet him. im jealous of your living situation. and, ive been trying to call you