Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Presidential Candidates

I have been doing research on the presidential candidates, both republican and democrat for the past few months. I am not affiliated with any party, but I will register as one now that I have a candidate I am excited about and want to vote for in the primaries. Yesterday while looking into a few candidates some more I came upon a great website with a 25 question survey to show you which candidates views are most in-line with your own. After taking the quiz, it confirmed I had chosen the right person. I will do a later post telling you about "my" candidate. For now, I encourage you all to do your research and really think about the issues that are most important to you. I also encourage you to take this quick test found at:


melmck said...

awesome site. good luck on the move!

PJ said...

I have been trying to research the different candidates as well. It is a huge spot to fill, and should be taken serious. Thank you for sharing that link!

I flower pictures are beautiful

PJ said...

"The flower" that is