Friday, July 20, 2007

Cars Suck

Here is a picture I stole off the internet of a car just like mine, a 93 Toyota Camry. Yep, I drive a car over 10 years old, almost 15 actually. I got the car about 4 years ago with something like 73K miles on it, suh-weet.
It has about 106K on it now but it still runs great, sure it has a few "quirks" but nothing major. Well after driving across country my little car was ready for an oil change and maybe a tune up, then the a/c starting going out off and on so I got it into a shop this week. Unfortunately I went to Big O Tires instead of an actual mechanic shop.
They were supposed to call me back with an estimate that day and work on it and have it ready for pick up the following day. No call. The next day I call and the girl answering the phone, who took the keys and our info from Brandon the day before, tells me she can't find the car. In fact she acts like she's never heard of us. I said, "You have our keys, you have the car, you've had them for a day and a half. Did you not write up some kind of work order? Do you have our name in the computer??" Morons. They find the car and get to work on it but call us mid-tune-up to give me an inflated estimate. Whatever, they suck. Oh and they can't replace the freeon in the cooling system cause my car needs some special, superexpensive kind from the dealership.
Found a real mechanic who's been in business for 29 years, Iron Horse in Heber City. He's doing an oil, lube, and filter job on Brandon's car as well as flushing the radiator and fixing the motor on the wiper fluid thing. Found more wrong with B's 98 Chevy Malibu that we will have to deal with later.
We live a 20 minute drive from town, up a steep, dusty mountain, it's gonna be rough on our cars. We'll need studded snow tires for me in a few months and maybe a four-wheel drive vehile for B.
But for now we are living on credit cards because the Utah Licencing Board (also deserving of a Tad Award) says it will take 30 business days to process Brandon's dental licence. When he said, how am I supposed to pay my bills for the next two months, the lady on the phone ACTUALLY said, "Well, maybe you could work at Walmart for awhile or something." Yeah, that's what he got his doctorate degree for. Thank heavens for in-laws who don't charge rent on their "mountain home" (it's not really a cabin).


Tori :) said...

Tad awards for all! That does suck.

The State is a pain to work with. Just for Sei's youth group home to get licensed... holy crap. It took FOR.EV.ER.

Macey Kay said...

Yikes---sorry about the car problems...I have the exact same model, 93 camry with way more miles than that-good luck!At least your hubby will be a dentist soon! (30 days later than anticipated unfortunately)

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh...WALMART? That woman is crazzzay!

Nancy Face said...

Oh, so your hubby goes to school for years and years just so he can work at Wal-Mart...nice! How can they be serious?

Robin said...

I don't know why all men aren't trained to work on cars as soon as they can identify a wrench. Marrying a mechanic was the best move ever, sorry to rub it in. Dental benefits would be nice though!

Megan said...

GOOD GRIEF!!! I can relate on car issues. Although our accident ending up working out really well for us!

I can't believe the walmart comment!!

Suzanne said...

That stinks about the car problems. Our newest car is a '94 so I understand your pain. I can't wait to meet you at the Blogfest tomorrow! :D