Thursday, August 30, 2007

An Average Day

6:30am - Wake to the sound of a displeased baby. Go in to see him and he immediately becomes the happiest baby in the world. Breastfeed him, change him. Set him on the floor to roll and scoot around and play with toys while I check my email, my myspace, and read a few blogs.

9am- Lay Jonah down for his first nap. Shower or do something productive like laundry or cleaning. Unload the dishwasher. Get dressed.

10:30- Change Jonah. Feed him his brunch of cereal and a fruit or veggie. Get him dressed. Run errands, waste time online, or do something productive at home or just play with Jo.

12:45 - Jonah takes a second nap.

1:45- Breastfeed. Let Jonah jump in his Johnny Jump Up, etc.

4:15- Jonah takes a short third nap (yep, pretty great).

5:00- Kiss and love on Jo as much as possible.

5:30- Put Jo in his highchair to entertain himself with his toy while I make him some dinner (mix cereal and/or choose baby foods, tough work.) Feed him & clean him up. Some days he gets a bath here. Read him a story, change his diaper, give him some breastmilk, lay him down for bed.

6:30- Make Brandon and I some dinner. Load the dishwasher. Watch whatever show I have from Netflix. Have dessert and/or hottub. Blog or do something semiproductive online.

11:30pm- Get to bed.

Yep, that's pretty much my life.

For the past two nights Jonah has had a night waking/feeding again after about a month without. What's up with that?
I have been terrible about getting exercise and reading my scriptures lately. Hopefully the embarrasement of just writing that will help me recommit to do better.


Lisa M. said...
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Lisa M. said...

It's funny, I always wonder if you have had any more strange animal encounters or if the tin men, come alive and take over the house, while you are sleeping.

Jo is handsome! I am so glad I got to meet him.

Nancy Face said...

That is the most amazing picture! I ♥ it!

Three naps...yay for Jonah and you! :)

Mrs. Burns said...

I see your day doesn't involve leaving the house either.

Lisa M. said...

I stole your "day in the life" idea-


Lauren said...

Wow! What a busy mommy! The picture of Jonah is precious.

Macey Kay said...

What fun days with a cute babe!