Monday, August 27, 2007

Utah Miners

(I did not write this, my mom received it from an online friend of hers)

I was talking with someone today and I got a different perspective on the mine disaster. I thought I would share with you.
Everyone thinks it is terrible that 6 men were killed and that Bob Murray
isn’t going to get the bodies out. (I think it is hard – that isn’t what I am trying to say here.) What about those people killed in 911, the Titanic, in wars that the bodies are never recovered, those deep sea fishing or what about all the auto accidents? Aren’t these tragic? We are still flying in planes, going on cruises, sending soldiers to war, eating sea food and driving cars. There are a lot more people die in these accidents than there are in the coal mines, yet no one thinks a thing of getting in their car or going on a cruise.

There were 3 men killed trying to recover these 6 miners and there were 6
others hurt. How many more does the general public and the families think
have to die trying to recover these 6??? When people talk about “what can I do to help the families”, I have said, “Please pray for them.” But I have now changed my mind a little. I don’t want you to think I don’t feel bad, because I know several of these families and I do feel bad, BUT….. Governor Huntsman from Utah is saying to close all coal mines that are more than 1,000 feet deep. Well why doesn’t he just come and take away all our food, clothes, houses, cars, etc. This is how we make a living. He has NO IDEA what it takes to mine coal. His committee consists of ‘non coal miners’ as far as we have been told. There may be one person that is from the UMWA that would have a clue.

Right after the Wilberg Mine Fire in 1984 that killed 27 miners, my dh was one of the many that went in to try to recover those fellow workers so I DO know what I am talking about. I had a neighbor ask me how I could stand having him go in the coal mine every day knowing how dangerous it was. My response to her then and to you now is, “How can you let your husband go to work, driving on the roads every day? There are a lot more car accidents killing more people in one day than there are mine accidents killing people in a full year.”

Now to my next statement: Last night alone there was over $25,000 raised for the families. This isn’t the first fund raiser, nor will it be the last as I know there was one in Salt Lake this morning and one tonight in our local High School. Let me tell you a little about these families. They are still getting a pay check until the men are pronounced dead. They are up there 24/7 which means mega over time will be paid to the families. They each have a $250,000 life insurance. Now an attorney is their ‘spokesman’ and I am sure he will help them sue Mr. Murray. He will automatically give the families a settlement but I am sure an attorney will try to get blood out of a turnip.

Please don’t get me wrong there isn’t a price you can pay for a life, I am
glad it isn’t my dh and I do feel sorry for them and I am morning along with the rest of our communities. But those that are saying to shut the mines down, think about it. I know that there is over 500 workers that will lose their jobs if Mr. Murray has to shut his mines down. Do you realize what that will do to the maybe 15,000 people living in our communities? That is just Mr. Murray’s employees. There are several other mines that if all mines have to be shut down will take probably another 1500-2000 jobs. If that happens then our power plants will have to shut down, and that will be another ??? jobs. We are already devastated. Please don’t pray to have the mines shut down. Pray that IF Mr. Murray has to shut his mines down, those other miners will be able to find a good job in our area (which won’t happen, even on the very best of days because there aren’t jobs in our area!)

I guess what I am saying is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for ALL the miners. Not just the families of those that lost their lives, but those that could lose their jobs, homes, cars, their way of living, their whole life. I am not a big fan of Mr. Murray’s but he really has been trying to do his best. He was right in there trying to rescue those men when the second collapse happened that killed 3 and injured 6. He has had very little sleep. This is going to ruin him. Again, please pray for ALL the miners as I know they will be losing their jobs soon.

Joyce, Emery County, UT


Nancy Face said...

Yes, I will pray for them.

Tori :) said...

I agree with everything she said.
And I, too, will pray for them.

Nancy Brown said...

I grew up in that small town. Its hard to believe that you would just leave them.. but reality is what it is. What a great find!!