Tuesday, August 21, 2007


"You will almost certainly love Ron Paul if you look at his views closely. Government-provided services are always more expensive than those provided by private businesses in a free market, because the government does not rely on customer satisfaction for revenue. That is why Ron Paul wants to eliminate many federal programs.
Our originally small federal government protected our rights, while local governments addressed the needs of thier communities... but now Washington D.C. manipulates our local governments by withholding funds(to fix roads, for instance), and it invades our financial privacy with the IRS. That is why Ron Paul wants to eliminate federal bureaucracies like the IRS and the Depts. of Education and Transportation.
His campaign now has more money than John McCain's, and it's only
getting bigger. He will be elected if we educate others and register
Republican to vote for him in the primaries." - Andrew Winningham (law student and my good friend)


Lisa M. said...

Very interesting Miss Emily!

I enjoyed reading this.

michelle said...

Yeah, I took the quiz to find out who would most likely represent my views in the 2008 elections. I cant even pronounce his name and sadly I dont remember it anymore.
However, I just dont care. I am so into Ron Paul right now and there is a fantastic and supportive movement for him from the youth of Arizona! Isnt that COOL! Thanks Emily for the info on him, he's dreamy ;)