Thursday, August 16, 2007

Doctor B

Brandon's first day making money as a dentist!! Tuesday, August 14, 2007.

So, we didn't end up living off of credit cards for the past month afterall. We lived off of money from stocks we didn't know existed until recently that we had four years worth of uncollected dividends on. Thank you dearly departed Grandpa J! The money's about gone now, but Brandon will be getting his first dental paycheck soon!

Decisions, Decisions

Currently Brandon is working in the office of another dentist in Salt Lake City. He can only work half-days, so he is commuting an hour each way, five days a week for only four hours of work per day. He wants to open his own practice up here in Heber City. But when? Should he look for another part-time job at a Park City practice or just jump in and get a business loan and get his own practice started asap?? Either way, he will probably end up only working at this SLC practice for 2 or 3 half days a week soon. But he is learning a lot from the awesome dentist who owns the practice and is also making money:)

Home ownership is looking like it might be further off than previously planned. I am going to look at a couple houses in Heber today and tomorrow with my realtor, but renting is looking like a more feasible option suddenly. Proving income is hard as an independent contractor, the dentist B works with might consider putting him on salary (instead of a percentage of his production) for two months so we can get a home loan with a decent interest rate, but maybe not. Also, if we have to take out a business loan, a home loan at the same time isn't the most appealing idea. I spent all afternoon yesterday looking at rental homes in Park City (halfway between Heber and Salt Lake).

The lowdown: We need to make some money AND we need a new place to live by October. Cars may also become a factor since they are both having a few troubles and neither have snow tires or four wheel drive. Lots of change on the horizon.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you have some big decisions to make, and soon. I wish I had some great advice for you. Lots of praying and weighing your options. From our past experience and facing unexpected setbacks we have really tried our hardest to avoid debt as much as possible since that time. Debt is inevitable in life, but sometimes we overburden ourselves with more than we really need to. That is my 2 cents worth. ;)

Nancy Face said...

Hooray for Dr. Brandon and you! So much better than Wal-Mart, tee hee! Great pictures! :)

What a blessing it was to be surprised with the stock dividends. As for the debt issues, I agree with Amanda. :)

Tori :) said...

AWESOME Emily!! Congrats on all the new changes.
Doesn't it suck that we have to make money to buy homes and cars? haha

Lisa M. said...

It's always very hard to know what to do.

It's nice that you've had the extra income, you didn't know about. I've had that happen and it's been quite a joy. (and a total surprise)

I also, can understand the private contract stuff- It makes it tough.

I also, get the commute. UGG. We travel about seventy miles one way-daily.

It's such great fun!

BUT- we have chosen to stay here, and deal with the commute.

So many questions at hand.

Good luck-

Hope to see you again, soon!

Mel said...

How nice that you are to the point when money starts flowing in!

Decisions... don't you love 'em!

michelle said...

Doctor B, how cool is that! You must be so proud. Timing and direction is everything in Taoism. With the choices you make, being calculated and moving with the flow of the universal tides (they are real things by the way), one can create optimal prosperity. Then again acting to hastily and emotionally charged can be devistating in allot of ways.

Sorry, I'm reading Tao Te Ching right now and just finished a class on Directionology 2 weeks ago, so that's just me regurgitating.

You guys will do the right thing.
Thanks for the Kula link to by the way.
Love you.

Lauren said...

How exciting for Brandon!! I hope you guys find a home soon.

sjmiller said...

WOW! That is a lot of decisions. I hope things work out for you guys!

I have to say that I hate going to the dentist. I have ever since I was a child. But, Brandon looks like he is great at what he does! Too bad we don't live where you are, I could go to him!

Good luck on the decisions. It's tough, but you guys always seem to make the right ones!