Monday, August 13, 2007

What a Morning!!

Jonah woke up earlier than usual this morning (6:30), but he went to bed early too. I let the cats out of the mudroom on my way to his room and noticed water on the floor and an usual sound. Oh no!
I went in and kissed Jonah and opened the blinds on the windows. Back to the mudroom. I looked under the sink and sure enough there is a mist of water spraying all over. I look for a way to turn off the water and find none. Brandon has left for work and Ryan and Elaine should be up by are not. I wake them.
Ryan also finds no way to turn off the water. I put towels on the floor. We head to the boiler room to find seven water valves. We turn a couple but nothing happens. I call Brandon, he doesn't know how to turn off the water. I call Alan (my FIL, the home owner) at home and on his cell but can't get ahold of him and I know he's not at work yet. I finally give in and call a plumber even though it seems like a very small, easily fixable leak.
I wring out towels and empty buckets while I take care of Jonah for an hour and a half. Ryan and Elaine have left. Alan calls from work and tells me how to turn off the water for the whole house. The plumber arrives, fixes things, charges an arm and a leg.
While the plumber is here Jonah is napping and I'm assisting the plumber in between trying to revive a dying hummingbird who had smacked into a window (he didn't make it and I almost cried) and killing what appears to be a termite infestation in my bathroom.
I baked cookie dough and treated myself to lunch, cookies & milk and an episode of Gilmore Girls online during Jonah's second nap. He's up now so I'm off. Hopefully the afternoon will be less eventful.


Lisa M. said...

Oh Emily!


I read through all your entries, since I left. What a fun adventure to the Gorge. Yipes about the measles. Jonah is growing so fast, what a handsome kiddo.

I'm sorry about the humming bird, they are such unique and beautiful creatures.

Glad you got the plumbing fixed.

Its so great to be home! I can be in touch with all my friends now!

Mel said...

The cookies were well deserved my friend!

Sorry about your crazy morning:(

Nancy Face said...

Oh my goodness!

That really stinks about the plumbing problem!

I'm so sad about the hummingbird...I would have been near tears, too!

Termites, no less! Unbelievable!

I can't imagine all that junk happening in one would have been enough for a whole month! Yay for yummy sooo deserved them! :)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Glad you got a breather during his second nap. What a morning!!! I would have cried with the hummingbird dying too!

Lauren said...

I'm really sad about the poor Hummingbird :(

I am glad you treated yourself to milk and cookies. i could go for that right now.

You like the Gilmore Girls?! I do too...

sjmiller said...

Oh my! What a morning you had!!

Glad things got fixed, even if it did cost an arm and a leg!

I agree, those cookies were well deserved. I want some now, too!!