Wednesday, May 09, 2007

14 weeks old

Jonah now smiles at anyone who talks to him. He "talks" and laughs more and more too. He loves being sung too. He likes looking at picture books while I read them to him. He's tried out a Baby Einstein video and liked that as well. He loves to sit in his swing and concentrate at grabbing the dangling toys on it. He is very proud when he catches hold of them.
Jonah can roll onto his side now. He likes to hold toys and will even grab them himself sometimes. He has started noticing the cats. I let him hold Jasmine's tail, which he loved, she also licked his fingers after he held her cat treat and promptly tossed it. In the past few days he has started putting things he holds into his mouth.
Jonah is a very good boy. He sleeps from 9pm to 7am with just one or two night feedings. He naps a lot still and can entertain himself a lot more now. He likes his stroller, but prefers being at home. He no longer needs swaddling at night. He just started nursing on only one side at a time. He is chubby and sweet and wonderful. He's almost ready for a Johnny Jump Up.


Stephanie said...

it's about time you posted some pictures! he is so cute.

Abbie said...

Yea for more pictures!

Lauren said...

what adorable pictures!

Robin said...

What a manly little squeeze! The Johnny Jump Ups say to wait until your child can sit on their own, but by golly if that didn't stop Trent from sticking our kids in there way earlier.