Saturday, May 05, 2007


To: All You Pros

1- How do I change the song on my video?
2- How do I make the video not look blocky? (It looks fine on my camera/computer)
3- How do I pick a good babysitter for an infant?
Teenagers don't seem the best idea, young moms have enough to deal with, single gals have better things to do with their time, older moms whose kids are gone maybe? I was a good teenage babysitter but I don't know many teenagers at my church and the two I do know are youngest children...


Tori :) said...

1- When you're editing/clipping your montage there is a button that says "Pick song" or "change song" and you just click on that. Then they have a list of songs to choose from or you can upload your own. Don't forget to click "Remove" on the Nantucket song they automatically put to it. You can also go clip to clip and click if you want only the song playing, song and video or just video.

2- I think it's just the megapixel stuff that makes it blocky. I'm not sure... Mine don't look blocky on my computer (5.1 megapixels) but maybe they do on others.

3- I've found that girls around the age of 14 work best because they don't have too much of a social life yet and they still think babysitting is fun. Any older and they usually are too busy talking on the phone. Also, don't be afraid to leave a huge list. I still do. Maybe have them babysit 1st while you are still home. Like you can relax (or do laundry) while they watch Jonah. That way they get to know each other and your home, etc... You can show them exactly what you expect of them.

Hope this helps!

Robin said...

Good questions. I mostly was never really comfortable with anyone besides family or close friends to leave my babies with, which meant that they came everywhere with me or I didn't go out much. That was also because they wouldn't take a bottle. Do you know any couples that don't have kids yet? That worked out for us when we needed to get out alone.

Abbie said...

Most people I know kid-swap, where you babysit for them while they go out, and then the next weekend, they get your kid. We haven't tried it yet, but we probably should.