Thursday, May 10, 2007


Brandon took the Western Region's Dental Board examinations (on patients) this past weekend. It went well, though he won't officially have his results for several weeks. Four years of schooling and clinic work culminated in that test. Now he just has to finish up with some requirements (2 bridges) and wrap things up with all his patients. We can hardly believe it's almost over.
The end of dental school marks the end of our time here in Oklahoma. Brandon has decided that instead of starting his own practice right away he wants to get hired by another dentist as an Associate Dentist. This can lead to partnership or to the purchase of a practice or one can simply leave after a period of time (6 mos to 3 years) and go it on one's own.
Brandon would ultimately like to have his own practice in Heber City, Utah and is currently looking into associateships in the Salt Lake Valley area. I have always wanted to live within a 6 hour drive to my family in Mesa, Arizona so I have been pushing him to apply in Flagstaff, AZ as well. Brandon has been less than enthusiastic about this prospect. I have come up with a list of 5 places I would rather live than Utah and Brandon is going to look for a job in one of them but has not decided which yet. Which would you choose?

Flagstaff, AZ

Big Bear, California

Durango, Colorado

Prescott, Arizona

Julian, California


Michelle said...

Flagstaff Arizona or Prescot of course.

I even know a great dentist in Flagstaff that everyone in my family has gone to. Maybe I can get his number and Brandon can at least talk to him and see what oppertunities there are there.

Big Bear looks nice too! Good Luck!

Annie said...

Definitely Flagstaff or Prescott!

Stephanie said...

flagstaff or prescott, for sure!

my family used to go to big bear all the time. it is nice, but not nearly as close.

Robin said...

Of course closer would be better! But colorado looks cool too. Housing in CA is just too outrageous.

Sean & Jen said...

i love flagstaff!! if only we could live there. with research now that will be highly unlikely, but it is such a gorgeous town near the mountains with 4 seasons!!

Alicia said...

Not that I don't want you in Arizona, but I would vote for Durango, CO. Or maybe California - depends. Are you close to San Francisco? =)

Jacob said...

I can't help but notice that all of the towns are in the mountains, and three of them are ski towns (Durango, Flag & Big Bear). I have never skied Durango, but I have been to nearby Telluride, & based on the skiing alone, that's where I'd live.

On the other hand, the problem with all of these towns is that they're SIX hours from Mesa because you can't fly. If they have airports, they are probably very small. Remember that if you lived in Salt Lake, they have a fantastic airport that has hundreds of direct flights to Phoenix. You're only 1 1/2 hours away. That's way better than 6. If money is the issue, driving isn't that much cheaper with these gas prices.

sjmiller said...

Julian is a very small town, however, you would have everything at your disposal.

The Pacific Ocean is a little more than an hour away, San Diego offers SOOOOO much. Really, if you lived in Julian, he may have to commute to a place in San Diego (if there was nothing available in Julian) however, Nick does it every day. While it may be grueling, that is the price we have to pay to get here.

And, reading what Jacob said, the San Diego airport isn't too far away either. And, Southwest's Ding fares are great bargains if you look frequent enough.

I vote for Julian, just cause I love that little town.

However, Oprah went to Durango, and LOVED it.

I think you guys will end up happy wherever you end up honestly. It would be SO fun to have you close! (We are only about 20-30 minutes from Julian!) AND, about 2 hours from the Happiest Place on Earth!!!! (You know you wanna!!!)

Macey Kay said...

I lived in Flagstaff for school-my only complaint was the snow, which I am sure you guys are used to-exciting to be done with school! Congrats!