Monday, May 28, 2007


Robin, Karen, Ken, Barbie, probably Christmas of '88. We always thought Karen looked like Shirley Temple at this age.

Karen is the 5th of the nine kids in our family, the most middle child. Karen looks like Mom (so do I). Karen currently lives in Georgia. Karen is a talented hair stylist. Karen has beautiful green eyes. Karen has a great sense of humor. Karen is a lot like Sarah.
Karen was born just before I turned six. I named my cabbage patch doll after her when I turned seven. I thought Karen was the most beautiful baby and child. She had a darling dimple on the side of her chin and when her hair got longer it had curls. Because we were so far apart in age, I basically was only vaguely aware of her existance from the time she turned six until about the time she turned 16. Sorry Karen. Since then I have been constantly amused by Karen, she is always fun. Karen calls more than anyone else and I love talking to her. In the past two or three years I feel like I have finally come to know Karen a bit better, and I love her, not just as a sister, but as my friend. Gracias.

Fall 1989, me 11, Karen 5

Aug. 2002 at Karen's beauty school


Dec. 2004

June 2005 in Florida

March 2006


Lauren said...

Cute! I feel the same way about my younger brother. I love him but being 7 years older I feel like I don't really know him...

Tori :) said...

Ok 1st of all, I am totally jealous of y'alls cute figures. Not fair.
I like reading your spotlites!! I wish I actually knew your whole family in real life- not just in blogtopia.

Robin said...

I am jealous of your figures also. I just wasn't blessed with the Colleen tinyness.