Monday, May 21, 2007


When I first began blogging on this site I was copying my younger sister Robin and further copying her by doing a post about each of my eight siblings. I did my oldest sister Sarah's post on my myspace page before beginning this blogspot and then did one of my earliest post's on here about my older brother, Adam. I am now going to continue. I will do one siblilng a week, beginning today with Robin, the fourth child in our family. I will end this series in 5 weeks.

How can I say enough good things about Robin? She has been one of my best friends for the past 26 years. She was born when I was almost three.
We shared a bedroom for about 12 years. I haven't even shared a bedroom with my husband for that long!

Robin is and always has been very sweet, sensitive, funny, and emotional. I've always had the strongest urge to protect her, not that she really needed me though. I remember playing barbies, Ginny dolls, glo friends, "house", and jumping on the trampoline with her. We watched Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Glo Friends, and Pound Puppies together.
Just after turning 13 our family moved from California to Utah in October. I remember having to trick-or-treat with my lame 10 year old baby sister. But really I was glad I had someone to go with since we hadn't made any friends there yet. In Utah we loved building snowmen together in the winter and playing nightgames together in the summer.
Just before my senior year in high school we moved from Utah to Wyoming. I was very depressed and I was glad to have Robin at the same school with me, she was a freshman. We spent a lot of time together that school year (1995 - 96).
Coach Draney thought we were the coolest sisters cause we were buff in high school. She could always beat me at pull-ups but I could always beat her in arm wrestling. We got into the school musical together that year, she dropped out. She has a lovely singing voice. We joined the track team together and I dropped out. She went on to be a state track star in pole vaulting in both Wyoming and Arizona in high school and in college. My first year in college I missed her so much I would cry and it sucked cause she was so busy with being a social butterfly in high school that she hardly missed me.
Robin had two kids before I had Jonah. She was my best source of advice all thru my pregnancy and I still call her a lot for parenting advice. We share a lot of the same mannerisms, beliefs, humor, taste, and silliness. Robin has a fantastic sense of humor. I love you Rob, Schlob, Victor, Bob, Bobbin, Bobaluski!

1983. Wow, we have a lot of bathtub pictures together!

At Disneyland. 1990?

Both hippies for Halloween. 1993 or 94.

1995. Me sleeping on Robin in the back of the 'burb' on the LONG roadtrip from WY to AZ for Christmas.



Last year I dyed my hair dark in an attempt to look more like Robin. Her natural dark hair put my bottle job to shame.


Robin said...

Thank you so much! What a complimentary post. It was so fun seeing those old pictures and brought back a lot of memories. I miss you!

Lauren said...

Aww, I loved this post! You two have such cute pictures together. This post makes me wish I had a sister...too bad I only have brothers! It gets lonely...

PS...your hair looks great dark and light, eitehr way you look fabulous!

Tori :) said...

Such a sweeeeet post! I loved it!!

Abbie said...

You guys are good sisters. And, did you notice that Robin looks EXACTLY like Charlotte in that bathtub picture?

Macey Kay said...

I Love Robin too! How cute-you look like Claire and Robin looks like Charlotte.

Cathy said...

I'm with Abbie and Macey. Right when I saw that bathtub pic I thought of Charlotte.

Annie said...

I love how you are doing the sibling posts. Such a great way to journal and reflect on relationships.