Friday, May 18, 2007

Spring Cleaning Challenge

An easy way to eliminate some of your clutter: throw out expired products. Things that have expired are no longer working well and they could be dangerous. Start with your refridgerator. Sure, nobody keeps milk after it expires, but what about salad dressing? I bet you've got two or three things in the fridge door that you could throw out. Next move on to your medicine cabinent. Do not use expired tums, eye drops, etc!! How 'bout other things in your bathroom? First, get rid of thigs you don't use. If you haven't used something in your house in the past year, you probably never will. We've got an 11 inch electric skillet up for grabs. If you have sun products (sunblock, self-tanners, etc.) over two years old, they don't work right anymore, throw them away. If you have skincare over three years old, get rid of it. If you have cosmetics over five years old, they are germ-filled and probably not working well, toss them. I guarantee this purging will feel freeing. Your home will be safer, less cluttered, and more effective. I can't wait til we start packing for our move in two months, that will be a major purging.


Tori :) said...

Good idea. I'll go thru my fridge door and medicine now. :)

Annie said...

Good tips as we both are preparing to move soon!

Macey Kay said...

I hate seeing moldy food-it makes me gag-I have Ben do it for me :)