Monday, May 14, 2007


1- Jonah has always been able to lift his head when he lays on his belly, but today he started putting his arms into it too! His chest goes up and everything, he looks so grown up! I'll post pictures asap.

2- Got gorgeous flowers from B & Jo for Mother's Day.

3- It looks like we're eliminating Durango and Arizona from our moving possibilities. I know Jonah's adoring fans in AZ are disappointed but it came down to airports for me. We need to live close to a major airport so that we can visit B's mom and family. It looks like we're down to CA and UT.

And whoever Jacob is, thanks for your comments. Brandon used to ski and snowboard but mostly gave it up after high school. And to those of you who have not been able to post your comments, I'm sorry, it's blogger's deal, you shouldn't need an account to comment but sometimes the sight just acts funny. Loved getting emails with people's opinions on where we should live and appreciate all the comments too. It's great to get feedback. (PS- Those of you who comment in your own comments section make me crazy cause who knows if anyone goes back to reread/reopen something they already commented on!).
The reason we're only looking at high altitude towns is that we are both big into hiking (and camping and backpacking and fishing, etc.) and we like to have 4 seasons. Waterskiing availability and theatre are also very important to us. Brandon would like to take up sailing and we both love scuba and kayaking as well. You gotta pick a town that meets your recreational needs, right?

My weekend was nice. It started early cause B didn't have any patients to see on Thursday or Friday. We've been playing a lot of Texas Hold 'Em poker lately in our freetime, it's lots of fun. Saturday morning I had the missionaries and an investigator over for another discussion, she is finally ready for baptism (!). Saturday afternoon we had a BBQ with Jamon and Alisha. Sunday I taught in Relief Society and in the evening we watched Music and Lyrics which was much better than either of us expected. Today has been lazy. Tomorrow I vow to be more productive:)


Abbie said...

"Jacob" is my Jake. He needs a picture on his profile, I guess. Or he needs to start a blog.

Stephanie said...

the airport factor is a biggy. i am glad you will at least be a quick flight away.