Saturday, June 09, 2007

Avoidance Behavior

I should be planning my Relief Society lesson for tomorrow. I should be showering. I should be napping. I could be vacuuming or cleaning the litterbox, instead I am blogging.
I know I owe you all a blog about Teddy, it will have to be next week.
I am exhausted.
Wednesday night I cooked chicken & pasta with pesto & tomatoes for Lacey and her friend Darby (great name, right?). Jonah slept like an angel while we hot-tubbed and gabbed.
Thursday I went to the gym, did laundry, and fretted over all the clothes getting ruined in our rusty, barely working dryer. Jonah slept for 45 minutes while I did speed walking on the treadmill. Good boy! Thursday night Maris and Lacey came over for dinner but I was too tired to cook so I ordered pizza. Brandon had a great meeting with Dr. McNaughton, the only dentist in Heber City who is hiring.
Friday Jonah and I went to Old Navy and the mall. We had to go to the mall to replace a $10 shirt that got thrown away last week (left in a bag under an empty shoe box) and to shop Yankee Candle's semi-annual clearance.
For dinner I made Mulligatawny soup. I took some over to Bekah & Ike and their 11-day old son, Asher. Sandra informed me that she had been put on bedrest so she couldn't come over for dinner and a movie afterall, so Jennifer and I went over there with soup in-tow. Jonah wouldn't sleep there so we went home early without watching movie. Brandon interviewed with Dr. Knight & Dr. Knight in Park City.
Today Sandy came over to do visiting teaching with me, Jonah had an extra-long morning nap, so we left an hour later than planned but had a fun time chatting anyway. We visited a lady in assisted living, she was most happy to see the baby, so were most the other people there. Jonah made everyone's day. Sandy and I had a deliscious lunch at Bravos while Jo had a little nap.
Hopefully Brandon is currently working out the logistics of taking the job with Dr. M and maybe doing a little househunting.
Tonight I have a wedding reception to go to. We have certainly not lacked for company or things to do while B has been gone but it will sure be nice to get him back tomorrow night.


Stephanie said...

you are probably the most social person i know. i am glad your future plans are starting to take shape!

Robin said...

You do so much! Wow.

Lauren said...

You do so many fun things! And what goes in that soup that I can't pronounce? Sounds interesting!