Monday, June 04, 2007


Well, it was quite the weekend.
Friday we picked Alan and Linda up at the airport at 5pm. We went to Cattlemen's Steakhouse, the oldest continuously operating restaurant (since 1910) in Oklahoma city, for dinner. I had to feed Jonah in the car right before the steaks came out (but after the salad) and then try to get him to sleep in his carseat while I was eating, so I didn't enjoy the meal as much as I should have, but I really enjoyed the company, the conversation, and the atmosphere beforehand, as it took a long time to get our steaks. We spent the later part of the evening just hanging out at our apartment.
Saturday morning was spent mostly playing with Jonah at our place. Ryan and Elaine arrived at our house around 11:30 am. Alan, Brandon, Linda, and Ryan headed off shopping, while Elaine and I talked while Jonah slept and I altered my evening's dress. Elaine and I then headed to the mall to get me some shoes, eat some lunch, and see Brandon's mom & 2 of his sisters who were shopping also. Jonah loved riding in the snugli carrier facing outward to see all the sights of the mall.
Jonah spent the evening with GG Vivian, aunt Vivi, and aunt Tori while Brandon, Elaine, Ryan, Alan, Linda, Lisa, Michael, and I went to the OU Dental School senior class dinner and social. We had a great time. Michael and Ryan never got to see Jonah awake all day and were disappointed. We hung out on Vivian's deck for awhile chatting before picking Andrea and Katie (B's other 2 sisters) up at the airport.
Had the P.s and all the J.s over to our house hanging out. The 8 of us played poker til 1 and then when Ryan, Elaine, Alan, and Linda headed back to their hotel. B, his sisters, and I stayed up later than I've been up probably in a year and a half! Fun night though.
Sunday morning we all hung out with the baby for a bit and got ready. At 11:30 the whole gang met up at La Baguette Bistro for brunch. It was fun seeing B with all four of his sisters and both sets of parents. It was great having our best friends here from Houston too. Dropped Jonah off with a babysitter and then headed down to Norman for the actual graduation. The ceremony was very nice, especially the bagpipers. Brandon's dad got to "hood" him as a doctor. After the graduation, Katie, Alan, and Linda headed home to Utah. Katie flies to Paris tomorrow for 3 weeks with her french class. Ryan, Elaine, Brandon, Andy, and I went to one of B's classmate's parent's house/mansion for a dinner party and Jonah went with the M. for dinner with Michael's family. Then we all headed to hang out on Vivian's deck again.
Everyone had 6am flights home this morning to get back for work and such. Back to life as usual for a couple more weeks:)


Robin said...

It all sounds fabulous! I'm glad you had an exciting weekend and some grown up time!

michelle said...

wow, and somewhere in the process of things, Brandon got laid..
hahahahahh! I crack myself up!
you've been doing great keepin' up with the posts, kudos momma J!

Love you.

Lauren said...

Wow! That is so exciting! I bet he is so happy to be done with school....I wish I was. You look gorgeous in that black dress!

Annie said...

Great fun! Drew's graduation festivities start this Friday and go to Sunday. I can't believe the end is finally here. However, he leaves for OBC the next day for 6 weeks (sniffle, sniffle). We've never been apart for that long. Hopefully he'll be able to come back for the baby's birth.
P.S. Congrats to B on his excellent boards score. He's a keeper! :)