Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where is Thumbkin?

Where is Thumbkin is currently Jonah's favorite song, that and the entire Red Hot Chili Pepper's Greatest Hits album. Yesterday we bought Jonah a Bumbo seat, it is a soft foam seat designed for babies who cannot sit on their own yet. It supports them in an upright position without straps and helps them develop neck and core muscles and learn to sit on their own. As you can see he is very cute and grown up looking in it. Whoever invented the thing is a billionaire now after a couple years of having it on the market winning awards galore and becoming the new "must-have" item. We love it. We put it on a kitchen chair next to us so we could reach him and had him sit with us at lunch today, he loved it.

Not only is Jonah into sucking on his fingers all the time, lately he especially likes to suck on his thumb and pointer finger and try to grab his tongue.
He has not rolled over since that first day but he spends a lot more time on his side and stomach now instead of his back, so hopefully this will all help rid him of the flat head (his is flat on the right-side instead of the back cause that is how he always lays, is that normal?).
Today while shopping for a wedding gift for one of Brandon's cousins, Jonah sang at full volume for about 15 minutes in the department store. We got a lot of comments from fellow shoppers and employees.
Well, that's about all that's new with my boy. Brandon left for Utah this afternoon. He has interviews for the next couple days. Exciting!! I have dinner dates with girlfriends for the next 3 nights so I don't get too lonely. I'll keep you all posted...


Stephanie said...

he looks so cute sitting in that seat! that is something that has been invented since i had my last baby. i might have to get one this time around.

michelle said...

What a good lookin' little tot! He is so beautiful. Can you imagine what new technologies our kids will be using with their babies!!

I still need your number or numbers lady! email me with them would ya, thanks.

Robin said...

I love him grabbing his tongue, so funny. I can't believe I don't sing "where is thumbkin" to my kids!

Macey Kay said...

We loved the Bumbo too-Kiley is way too squirmy to enjoy it now...He is very cute in it!