Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

To the sexiest dad of them all.

To my dad, Stan. Dad has always been a wonderful example. He works hard and comes home to play. Dad was around a lot more than many other dads and I loved spending time with him. I still get nostalgic for Saturday "dates" with dad when I go into a hardware store. My dad is extremely knowledgeable. He is still the one I call with questions on history, home buying, religion, current events, sports, and even some cooking. I value my father's opinion in everything. Dad made all of his kids independent and goofy. We are all hard workers, non-picky eaters, who love to read. Thanks Dad!

To a snuggly dad.

To Alan, the best father-in-law a girl could ever ask for. Alan is a great dad, his kids always know that he loves them and supports them. He is very generous, very forgiving, very fun.

To a teddy bear of a dad.
Michael has been a wonderful stepdad to Brandon (and Andy). He is a cute father to his two girls and a darling grandpa for Jonah. Michael sets a great example of hard work and also is very intelligent and funny.

To my brother, Adam (with his daughter, Moqui). Adam is a wonderful dad, a strict disciplinarian and also a lot of fun. I love the consistency with which Adam parents, he means what he says and he shows a lot of love.

To my brother-in-law, Trent (with Jonah). Trent is one of the cutest dads I know, so in love with kids and such a sweet daddy.

Fathering has come so naturally to Brandon. He is not just good at entertaining Jonah, but at calming him and taking care of his needs too.

To Jamon (Brandon's cousin). Seen here with Brandon taking their kids on a walk. Jamon is a fun dad who really wants his daughter to learn and love and grow and thrive.


Robin said...

What a wonderful Daddy post! We are some pretty lucky girls to have the wonderful Dad and husbands that we do!

Annie said...

What a sweet tribute to the dads in your life.
Isn't it interesting how Jonah has really started to take on B's looks. Your boys are so handsome!

Tori :) said...

That was such a sweet post!