Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Heber City, UT

The Heber Creeper, a small railroad that goes from Heber City to Provo via Provo Canyon, past Bridal Veil falls.

Brandon, Jonah, and I have chosen to make Heber City, Utah our new home. It is in a beautiful mountain valley between Park City and Provo, about an hour from Salt Lake City. Heber has incredible opportunities for fly fishing, hiking, backpacking in the nearby Uinta Mountains, golfing, fishing, watersports, snowsports, and more!

Jordanelle, Deer Creek, and Strawberry reservoirs is where you will find us slolem skiing and wakeboarding during the summers, fishing & camping too.

Heber Valley.

The average low temperature in winter: 24.7 degrees F.
Heber average annual snowfall: 55 inches per year.
The average high temperature in summer: 89.9 degrees F.

We hope our friends and family will visit us frequently in our new town.


Lauren said...

I want to come visit you when you move in! And i can help you make your kitchen into mexican-inspired awesomeness :)

Annie said...

Horray! Great choice! I'm so excited for you guys.

Abbie said...

Sounds beautiful. I think I went to Heber one time when I was at BYU to go to a natural hot spring. It was awesome.

Bekah said...

So Heber it is! I am so excited for you both. We have family up there, so when we head that way for a visit we'll make sure to call on you! Thanks for the soup the other day too!!! We appreciated it so much!

Donna said...

Heber it is/ You must meet Hugh and Marti Mclean. Hugh and Grandpa Jay were best friends. Jonah has some great parents.
Have a safe move.
I hope this is me. Have a great day. Love Grandma Donna

Tori :) said...

Heber is a very pretty area. Good choice.

Mel said...

Ahhh, Heber is so beautiful!