Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Record Breaker

It has been raining for 15 days straight here in Oklahoma City. That is a record-breaker on our weather reports. But basically it's been raining since February. I've never seen such a wet year, admittedly I've only lived here four years.

I feel real empathy for my BIL, Trent, who lived in Seattle during its wettest winter ('98/'99); 90 out of 120 days were rainy that winter.

One good outcome of all this rain, I've never seen Black-eyed Susans in bloom like this before. They are everywhere!

Another weather note: Brandon thinks he heard someone on the weather report on the radio say "winding", a word my brother, Ted, coined when he was a child.


Robin said...

I love to hear Ted say winding.
I was always sad that Trent was less than enthusiastic about rain when I am always so thrilled by it.

Lauren said...

I love rain! smells so good! Ted also likes to say "softing"...haha

Macey Kay said...

No fair-we need rain in AZ! How fun!