Saturday, June 23, 2007


Mark and I are ten years apart, almost to the day. He is the seventh of our nine kids, but appeared to be the last for a full six years as our baby. He is almost 19 now and is preparing for a mission for our church. When he was very little he earned the nickname Smudge, fortunately that faded out before it got around to the kids at school.

Mark and Ted were nearly inseparable as children, though Mark was always the more mischievous of the two. (I forgot to mention how much Ted hated the feel of towels/terrycloth!). Mark was a lot more style-conscious than Ted in high school, he only liked to wear certain brands, styles, colors. Mark is tidy, meticulous, and careful. Mark cleans his room, takes care of his skin, keeps his bathroom tidy, etc. Mark is dependable, reliable, responsible. Sarah says Mark is the best babysitter. You can count on Mark.

Mark has a dry, hysterical sense of humor. Mark knows how to handle Mom better than anyone else. Mark is honest and he will call you out on your dishonesties or exaggerations. Mark likes my cooking, which always earns anyone bonus points in my book. Mark is easy to talk to. Mark shares his feelings, which is rare for a teenage boy.

I love you, Mark!


Lauren said...

Mark is hilarious...haha

Robin said...

Mark is so loveable! I'm going to miss him!

Nancy Face said...

Such cute pictures! Haha, right now Lauren is at the movies with Mark and another friend, seeing "Transformers"!